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What to do First in Disaster Recovery For Your Nashville Office Space?

A disaster can happen at any time, and when one occurs in your Nashville office, it can bring business to a standstill. Some issues may be small, like a malfunctioning appliance or a spill, while others can be devastating, such as a tornado or a flood. No matter what kind of disaster you face, Ascension General Contractors is here to help you recover. 

If My Nashville Office Experiences Damage, What Do I Do First?

If you experience a natural disaster of any type in your Nashville office space, here are the first steps you need to take in the recovery process: 

  • Call a general contractor for help. You can reach Ascension General Contractors at (615) 802 7991 at any time. Let us know what has occurred. Then, schedule a time for us to come to your Nashville office location to assess the damage.
  • Our Project Manager will come to your location and document the damage and the needed repairs. At this point, you can ask questions and express your concerns
  • You will be presented with an estimate documenting the recovery. Following this, you will be asked to review and sign your contract. 

What Happens During The Construction/Restoration Phase?

  • Prior to commencing construction, we will review the “Pre-Construction Checklist” and provide the customer with a list of actions they will need to complete. This is including the date by which they are needed. This would include any selections they have not yet completed. 
  • During construction, we will provide weekly updates on the status of the project. We may also schedule progress inspections at various stages of construction with the customer if needed. If any changes are required, we will ask the customer to sign a Change Order for the change requested.
  • As the construction phase comes to a close, a Quality Control Inspection will be completed by the assigned contractor. If needed, we can schedule a walk-through with the customer to present the completed project and answer any questions they may have. 
  • After the customer has signed our Adavit of Completion indicating acceptance of the work performed, we will ask them to fill out a Customer Satisfaction survey.

Ascension General Contractors has been serving the Nashville community for ten years! Ascension General Contractors is a full-service general contracting company. We have extensive experience in both residential and commercial property repair and renovation. AGC was founded on our expertise in handling disaster-related repairs. Our experience and insurance industry relationships give us the unique ability to guide you through the complicated process of working with insurance.

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