What Are Some Renter-Friendly Decor Ideas For 2022?

You may not be a homeowner, but you still want your living space to be comfortable and to reflect your personality. As a renter, permanent changes are impossible in most instances, and then there’s that pesky deposit. Let’s look at some renter-friendly decor ideas you can use to make your Nashville home or apartment look and feel just the way you want it to without causing issues later!

Making Your Nashville Rental Look Its Best

Let’s talk about some decor ideas that will give you the aesthetics you enjoy. 

  • Being surrounded by four off-white walls can be unpleasant and just plain dull. Removable wallpaper designs have become affordable and stylish, and this can be the perfect fix for your apartment interior. 
  • A great way to add some personality to your rented space is to switch out those basic doorknobs and drawer pulls with some that reflect your personal tastes. They are easy to remove so that you can switch back to the originals before you move out.
  • Scratched hardwood and stained carpet can be unpleasant when renting a home. Before moving in, you may be able to have the floors professionally cleaned. If they still don’t look nice, area rugs can be your new best friend. Place them over hardwood and even carpet for a clean, updated look.
  • Removable fabric wallpaper is another great option for renters. It peels right off and will allow you to easily add a ton of color, pattern, and even texture to your home.

What Are Some Decor Ideas That Can Make My Nashville Home More Comfortable?

In addition to looking good, you want your living spaces to feel good. Here are some ideas you can use to make your Nashville rental home as comfortable, and renter-friendly, as possible.

  • A nice showerhead is one of those upgrades worth spending some extra money on and a great way to add an element of comfort to your lifestyle. When you’re ready to move, simply reattach the old fixture and take yours to your new abode. Those barely-drizzling showerheads you find in a rental will be a thing of the past, and spicing up your bathroom is a great way to make your place feel like it’s truly yours!
  • A wall of custom built-ins is everyone’s dream, and they would solve your limited space issues in your apartment. You can get the same look and benefit from adding industrial shelving that can simply be attached with a few screws. They are easily removed when you leave, too. 
  • One of the worst things about rental units is often the outdated light fixtures. Simply swap out that light fixture for something that better suits your style, and reattach the original fixture before moving out.

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