Payment Options

When you remodel with Ascension General Contractors, you can pay for your projects with or without insurance proceeds. 

Here’s how each of those payment options works.

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Remodel and Additions

When completing non-insured remodeling and repairs, here’s what you can expect from the experts at Ascension General contractors:

  1. On-site meeting to discuss your project
  2. Detailed  estimate reflecting the cost, and scope of work
  3. Once you sign the estimate agreement and pay the required deposit, our team gets to work!

Insured Work

What is a rough first estimate?

  • If working on a deadline, your adjuster may make a “rough first estimate.” We recommend setting an appointment for a second visit if the first assessment is not complete.

Will I get more than one check from my insurance company?

  • You may receive an advance payment, which pays a portion of the claim. 
  • Or you may be offered an on-the-spot settlement with a check you can accept right away. 

What requirements must I meet when filing a claim?

You can learn more about filing claims by reviewing your policy and talking with your adjuster. Generally speaking:

  • Most policies require claims to be filed within one year from the date of damage.
  • Some claims require a signed Proof of Loss form, a legal record detailing your losses and their cost. Some companies may waive this requirement depending on the circumstances. 

Do I have to use a contractor my insurance company recommends?

Your adjuster may have recommendations, but the final decision is yours. 

How do I work with a contractor?

  1. Finalize total losses and get your claim approved. 
  2. Show your adjuster any bids you get, and work together to choose services in scope of your claim
  3. Hire a contractor with replacement materials that are alike in type and quality to your originals who have proper permits in place.

How Insurance Pays Claims


How many checks will I receive?

  • If the structure and contents of your home are damaged, you’ll likely get two separate checks from your insurance company. 
  • Your insurance adjuster can answer more detailed questions about reimbursing for property damage, depending on whether you plan to purchase replacements or accept the cash value of the damaged items. 

How do claim payments work if I have a mortgage?

If your home is mortgaged, the lender is likely named on your insurance policy. If so:

  • Checks for structural repairs will be made out to you and the mortgage lender. 
  • Once it’s received, the lender endorses the check and puts the proceeds into an escrow account from which remodeling contractors are paid.

How do I simplify working with the lender on claims and repairs?

Your state bank regulator is a great resource for this process. Along with contacting them, we suggest taking these steps:

  • Show the lender the adjuster-approved bid so they know all costs and payment deadlines. 
  • If they require one, schedule a final walkthrough with them once repairs are done.
  • If there was not a separate check issued for damaged contents, share those details with the lender and request those funds be released, along with any funds exceeding the balance of the mortgage. 

How does this process work if I hire Ascension General Contractors?

  • You’ll sign a Direction to Pay form so we can work directly with insurance for billing and payment. 
  • Once the agreed-upon deposit is paid, we’ll start work.

Still have questions about our different payment options?

Contact us today at Ascension General Contractors! We are here to help you from start to finish.