Stay in Your Space with Livable Remodeling

There’s no need to disrupt your life during a home renovation project. Ascension General Contractors is your trusted partner for safe, convenient livable remodeling. Stay on track with your projects and comfortable in your own space.

What is Livable Remodeling?

The AGC team are big believers in livable remodeling. Our full-service general contractors utilize industry best practices to keep our projects contained and our workspaces clean. When you hire us, you can continue to live in and enjoy your home throughout your renovation or remodeling project.

Safety First, No Matter What

We’re committed to the highest safety and cleanliness standards on every project. We promise clear communication so you know what to expect, no matter what kind of renovation or remodel your property needs.

The Key to Livability? Dust Removal


We use safe, approved containment techniques to completely isolate our work area and fully contain any dust and debris. You’ll be able to live and work around these containment setups without uprooting your life. AGC is committed to maintaining the highest levels of indoor air quality so you and your family can stay in your home while we work.

Air Scrubbers

AGC attaches air scrubbers directly to your HVAC system. These scrubbers remove air pollutants, VOCs, odors, and contaminants that would otherwise remain in your ductwork and make your home unsafe. We’re committed to keeping the air clean and your home safe throughout your remodel.

A Partner You Can Trust

Ascension General Contractors offers full-service general contracting. We renovate and remodel commercial and residential properties, while providing exceptional, personalized services to every client. 

We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and communication during your remodel, buildout, or repair. Whether you need a full remodel, scheduled repairs, or repairs as part of an insurance claim, we’re in your corner from start to finish. 

We’ll do everything we can to keep your project running on time. And our commitment to livable remodeling means you can continue to enjoy the comforts of home while we work. Still have questions?