Finished Deck Renovation

What Are Some Tips For Renovating The Deck Of My Nashville Home?

If your deck surface looks worn or splintered or boards are coming loose, it’s time to repair or renovate your deck. The longer issues like these go unmanaged, the worse the problem can become, leading to problems like rot. Rot will cause you to have a structurally unsound deck. You can contact AGC at my time for help with your deck renovation.

The best time for a deck renovation is during the winter, especially if you want to hire a professional; most people will not be thinking about renovations in their backyard, and prices will be much more affordable. 

However, if you don’t mind paying more for the work, renovating in the spring or summer is a perfect option. 

What Are The Steps Of Deck Renovation?

  • Demolition. You may have the experience and skills necessary to complete this part of your renovation, but if not, you can call a professional renovation company like Ascension General Contractors.
  • Choose Materials. One of the best decking materials for a deck renovation is hardwood decking. While it is seen as a costly option, it’s also a beautiful, natural choice that is highly durable and long-lasting. Hardwood decking is resistant to rot and insects and is even Class A Fire Resistant. It will require a little wood stain to protect the color from UV rays, but aside from that, they are relatively low maintenance.
  • Installation. This is another job for professionals if you aren’t skilled in deck installation. You may also want to use your new deck material to create accents or furniture pieces on your deck, like planters, benches, or tables. Such statement pieces will tie everything together visually.

Will A New Deck Add Value To My Nashville Home?

The short answer is “Yes!”

  • A brand-new wooden deck addition to your home will net you a 75% return on investment when you decide to sell, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2016 Cost vs. Value Report.
  • Any time you add valuable space to your property, it creates additional value and curb appeal. This appeal is beneficial if you decide to sell your home in the future. Homes with high curb appeal show a special pride of ownership, and they also tend to sell better and for higher prices when they hit the market.
  • A creative homeowner working with an experienced contractor can truly let their creativity flow and end up with an excellent, customized deck that provides a maximum amount of functionality. 

Contact us here at Ascension General Contractors to talk about transforming your home by remodeling your deck – and more! We are a full-service repair/build/remodeling company specializing in home improvement and remodeling projects.  

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