What Are Some Bathroom Remodeling Do’s And Don’ts?

When considering a remodeling project for your bathroom, you may get a lot of advice – friends and neighbors may weigh in, or you may be researching your project online. Sometimes such advice can be helpful, while you may find your head spinning at other times! 

At Ascension General Contractors, we have over a decade of experience in home remodeling and repair in the Nashville community. (Read what your Music City friends and neighbors say about what we do here!)

We can advise you on a remodeling project’s do’s and don’ts. Keep reading for some pointers.

What Are Some Good Choices For My Bathroom Remodel:


  • Choose suitable surfaces. Your chosen surfaces should not only contribute to the overall aesthetic, but they should also be able to handle plenty of moisture. 
  • Hire a professional contractor. If you are doing this project yourself, you may be tempted to skip the often-pricey permits and inspections; avoid this, as it can result in costly mishaps. If you hire a contractor, they will handle permits and inspections on your behalf.
  • Say “yes” to storage. While you may really want to choose that oversized walk-in shower or a more extended vanity instead of storage, you may regret this decision later. 

What Are Some Choices I Should Skip In My Bathroom Renovation?


  • Move fixtures unless it’s unavoidable. Unless you are dealing with a challenging or cramped space, keep your home’s plumbing system the same, as such changes aren’t always worth the extra expense.
  • Forget lighting and ventilation. Ensure your bathroom space is adequately ventilated since moisture gives mold and mildew an optimal environment. An infestation can take a heavy toll on your finishes and surfaces. Give your bathroom plenty of light for a pleasing aesthetic.
  • Get too trendy. While you may want to add a stylish mirror, lighting, or tile, keep your bathroom manageable when bringing your bathroom up-to-date as trends come and go. Opt for practical fixtures that will remain appealing in the next few years.

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