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Some Helpful Options To Improve Your Nashville Home This Winter

During the coldest months of the year, energy costs can skyrocket. With prices rising in every sector, it’s wise to look for helpful options to lower costs wherever possible! Warming your home during freezing temperatures can be one of the most challenging areas when it comes to lowering costs. Today, we’d like to discuss ways you can improve your Nashville home this winter!

What Are Some Professional Recommendations You Can Use To Improve Your Nashville Home During The Colder Months?

As home improvement professionals, we’ve always got some helpful recommendations to improve your home throughout the year! 

For winter weather home improvement, we recommend:

  • Check the exterior doors of your home for leaks. Seal your drafty door by installing foam or felt weatherstripping inside the door frame.
  • Install a door sweep – a flexible piece of rubber or plastic held to the door’s lower edge by an aluminum strip – to keep drafts from entering your home under your exterior door. 
  • Find and seal gaps in your attic that could allow as much as 30 percent of your cooled air to leak outdoors.
  • EnergyStar says a programmable thermostat can save up to $180 a year on fuel costs. This type of thermostat can save energy by automatically lowering (or raising your home’s temperature. It also keeps temperatures consistent – which lowers heating costs.
  • You can enjoy fuel savings for free by setting your thermostat to one temperature in the morning and another at night and otherwise leaving the thermostat alone. Just wear a sweater and warm socks instead of raising the heat if you’re chilly!

How Can Ascension General Contractors Help Me Get My Nashville Home Ready For Winter?

Your choice of a contractor is pivotal in getting the result you are hoping for. Hiring Ascension General Contractors means you will be working with

  • An experienced, dependable, licensed, insured, and fully bonded staff
  • Our experience and insurance industry relationships give us the unique ability to guide you through the often complicated process of working with insurance during the claims process.
  • Ascension General Contractors is known for its ability to quickly align with your project to keep it running smoothly and on schedule.
  • Our team can guide you through your residential and commercial improvements to make educated decisions that best fit your needs.
  • Your Nashville friends and neighbors who have worked with us have some good things to say about what we do! Read their testimonials here.

At Ascension General Contractors, we are committed to completing renovation and remodeling projects promptly and professionally. We are a full-service repair company, and we’re proud to serve Nashville business owners and operators.

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