How Do I Make An Insurance Claim After Property Damage?

As a home or business owner, you may experience damage from a fire or storm, or an injury may occur on your Nashville property; these occurrences may require you to file an insurance claim to help you recover.

The insurance claims process can be stressful if you aren’t sure how to proceed, however. So today, we’re going to discuss some necessary steps you will take to file a property damage insurance claim. 

What Are The First Steps To Take In Filing An Insurance Claim?

  • Contact your insurance company immediately. Home and business owner insurance contracts require the owner to report property damage claims promptly. You will want to check for any time limit on when you need to file your claim after the incident; it could be denied if you fail to file within your contract’s time limit. 
  • After you contact your insurance company, the claims process will begin. Your insurance representative will give you the necessary forms to fill out. 
  • Your agent will come to your location and assess the damage or the incident.

What’s Next In My Insurance Claims Process?

  • It is essential that you document the aftermath and provide your insurance adjuster with as many details of the damage or injury as possible. 
  • Be detailed when you write a description of the incident and list any damaged items. This documentation can help the claims process move more quickly. 
  • Be sure to take many photos so you can provide proof of the extent of the damage to your insurance company. If your payout ends up being less than you expect or is fair, you will be glad you have all of the documentation to use when you appeal.
  • You may need to take reasonable temporary repairs yourself to protect your property from further damage if you have. For example, a leaking roof. You and your insurance company need to agree on the necessary repairs and the cost of such maintenance. Also, put it in writing before you make any permanent changes to your home, however.
  • Try to avoid throwing out any damaged items until the insurance adjuster has made a visit to your home, and save any receipts for items you purchase; you might be able to submit these to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Have you experienced damage to your property? Our team of professionals at Ascension General Contractors specializes in completing repairs after insurance losses. We use clear communication from start to finish. We are always available to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. AGC is a full-service repair company and proud to serve our Nashville community.

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