Small bedroom with floor to ceiling window in Nashville, TN

How Can I Repurpose Small Spaces In My Nashville Home?

Many homes in Nashville are older, with all the natural charm that older homes bring with them. You may be lucky enough to own one; it may be a mid-century house, a World War II saltbox, or of art-nouveau or craftsman style. Each of these is a lovely example of American architecture over the years. Or you may own a newer home designed with the minimalist lifestyle in mind, and this style is beautiful, as well. Every home has a unique style and it is exciting to use your creativity to repurpose small spaces and make the home truly yours. 

The one challenge that many homes have are those small spaces that aren’t used to their full potential. It could be your entryway, a cramped guest bedroom, or a breakfast nook. Maybe your whole house is a small space! With a bit of creativity and some bold design, you can repurpose those small spaces into places you can enjoy. 

Ways To Redesign Unused Small Spaces In Your Nashville Home

  • Turn a closet into a nook. Take off the door, redesign the doorframe, and place versatile storage pieces there for a point of interest that opens up your room and creates specific storage. A curio cabinet or a shelving unit set there will make the perfect spot for knickknacks, hats, shoes, keys, and all the little extras.
  • Repurpose a wall. You may need a place for books; many homes no longer have space for a library. Creating a bookcase that doubles as a wall can be an answer to that problem. You can add drawers and cabinets to the bookcase to create storage space, as well,
  • Add a window seat. You may have a recessed spot under a window that doesn’t work for furniture; building a window seat – with storage underneath – can be a neat solution. Additionally, you can cover it with comfy pillows and blankets, and you have the perfect spot for relaxing and watching the natural world. 

How Can I Revamp My Smaller Home Space?

In a small home, it can be tricky to find ways to fit everything. It never hurts to get rid of things you don’t use. So, what if you’ve already done that and you still need to find places to put things? Here are some design ideas to create some space in your smaller home:

  • Build a loft. Lofts can add quite a bit of space to your house. You might want to consider an elevated platform bed that gives you more room for a home office underneath. It can double as a guest bedroom, and when no one is visiting, it can be a sitting area. Skylights and windows that let sunlight into the loft area can create a pleasant spot for reading or contemplation.
  • Take out some walls. You can turn that cramped guest bedroom into an open area by removing a wall or two; your general contractor can be a big help here by determining the best way to do this to avoid structural issues. So, depending on where the room is, you may end up adding square footage to your master bedroom – or perhaps actually creating a master bedroom – or you may end up with more living space. 
  • Add a deck. Building a deck basically gives you another room, and in Nashville, you will be able to use it for a large portion of the year. You can plant a container garden, make it your designated entertainment spot, or your yoga studio – the sky’s the limit. Include a hot tub or a plunge pool, and it will become your favorite place to relax. Also, add a covering and lighting to create a space that you can enjoy even when it’s wet or dark, increasing its usage. 

Contact Us for Help!

You can do many things to create space or better utilize the space you have in your Nashville home. Ascension General Contractors is here to help you bring your design ideas to life. We are also a full-service repair company. So, if your home experiences damages of any kind, our experienced, dependable, licensed, insured, and fully bonded staff can set things right. 

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