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How Do I Hire The Right Contractor For My Nashville Renovation Project?

It’s always exciting to start a renovation or remodeling project and finding the right contractor can be intimidating. There are many materials and styles to choose from, and you’ll be deciding on paint colors and flooring, exteriors, appliance upgrades, and much more. However, the work itself can be daunting, especially if you’re not quite the handyman type or have no construction experience. That’s when the help of a professional general contractor becomes invaluable. 

You want to hire the right person for your Nashville renovation project, however. Let’s talk about the things you need to do to find the best professional for you. 

First Steps To Take When Searching For A General Contractor

The first step in the hiring process starts with doing some research. You can certainly start on the internet, looking at reviews on websites such as Yelp. Asking your friends and family members for recommendations is another great way to find a reputable contractor, too. Some important points to consider:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Timeliness 
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service
  • Customer satisfaction

What Steps Should Come Next In My Search For The Right Contractor? 

  • Once you’ve done some research and looked at reviews, call a few different contractors and ask some general questions to get a clear understanding of their company and the projects they do. Find out if they have done projects similar to yours in the past and their specialties. Be sure to check out licensing and insurance.
  • Gather bids from the likely candidates and compare. Ask everyone to break down the cost of materials, labor, profit margins, and other expenses. It is also a good idea to plan on paying 10-15% more than your contract states in case unforeseen issues arise. Work out a payment schedule ahead of time.
  • Now that you have done your research, talked with the contractors, and received the bids, it’s time to look over all the information and choose your contractor. Trust your instincts and read the contract in full before you sign it to make sure you understand the process moving forward. 

It takes some time and effort to choose the right contractor for your Nashville renovation, but having the right person on the job is going to mean your project will be precisely what you envisioned. 

At Ascension General Contractors, we are committed to completing renovation and remodeling projects in a timely and professional manner. We are a full-service general contractor and proud to have served Nashville business owners and operators for ten years! You can take a look at what your friends and neighbors have to say about us and what we do here. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more!

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