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What Are Some Tips To Help With Storm-Proofing Your Garage?

Storm-proofing your garage will keep your Nashville home safe from heavy weather damages caused by high winds, flying debris, snow, ice, and flooding. If your garage is left unprotected, your entire home will be vulnerable to whatever a storm may bring. Most people use their garage to store essential items in addition to parking vehicles there, so the loss could be substantial if this area is left exposed to the elements.

What Are The Most Important Parts Of Storm-Proofing Your Garage?

Focus on these aspects of your garage to ensure your property is as safe as possible during Nashville storms:

  • The door of your garage will be most susceptible to damage, so your project should begin with ensuring you have a sturdy door. Check your garage door periodically for holes and cracks, and seal any that you find. Consequently, Ascension General Contractors recommends installing a bracing system to the door; these braces anchor the door to the floor, walls, and hinges, adding support and wind resistance; this may require professional assistance, so don’t hesitate to call AGC at (615) 802 9057.
  • Your general contractor can assess your windows to see what their recommendation might be. Suppose they determine that your windows need to be replaced; in that case, you can install windows with impact-resistant glass and exterior window protection that can be closed and locked to protect the interior from impact and storm remnants.
  • Water damage can always negatively impact your garage through flooding. Therefore, you should install a trench drain outside your garage to prevent this occurrence; the drain will create a channel for water to flow away from your foundation and avoid water overflow in low-lying areas on your property. 

How Can Ascension General Contractors Help Me If Nashville Storms Damage My Property?

Our repair/construction process is outlined here.

  • It begins with your initial contact. 
  • We will schedule an appointment with you.
  • Next is our first meeting and site assessment.
  • We will prepare an estimate and present it to you.
  • Once the contract is signed, we begin pre-construction.
  • Following this is the construction phase and the completion.
  • Once you sign our Affidavit of Completion, we ask if you would like to fill out a Customer Satisfaction survey. 

Your Nashville friends and neighbors highly recommend our services; read some testimonials here.

If you are concerned about your garage and need assistance in this area of your home, contact us here at Ascension General Contractors. We can assess your garage and house to determine any areas that might be vulnerable to Middle Tennessee storms. We’re a full-service repair company, and our experienced, dependable, licensed, insured, and fully bonded staff is skilled and ready to help you any time. We’re celebrating ten years of serving our clients and community!

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