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Winter Renovations to Consider

Winter can be a great time to finish some home renovation projects. While typically the slower season for contractors, this actually works in your favor since contractors will have more flexible schedules to complete projects. You may also be able to take advantage of reduced prices during the winter months as materials often go up in price in the spring. 

So if you are ready to tackle some winter renovations, here at Ascension General Contractors, we have a few of the best ones to consider. 

What Are Some of the Best Winter Renovations?

Interior Painting

The dark winter months can really take a toll on the overall feel of your home. Some fresh paint may be the perfect choice to brighten up a room and help get rid of any winter blues. The sun also rises earlier during the winter which means you can get the project completed earlier in the day. This can be a lot more convenient for your schedule and paint will actually dry faster in the winter compared to the summer months! You will want to leave your windows open or at least cracked to let in the cold air and take full advantage of faster drying times. 

Replace Flooring or Carpeting

While focusing on the interior of your home, new flooring can also be a great renovation project for the winter. While this one is likely to cause more disruption than others, it may be worth it if your floors are noticeably in need of some attention. New hardwood flooring can give you the perfect opportunity to add some big area rugs to help increase the coziness of your home. And replacing carpeting will have a similar effect.

Basement Remodel

If you have an unfinished basement in your home, don’t waste any time making the most of this space! A basement is an extremely versatile space that can be used for essentially anything. Not only will you have additional living space, but it also adds great value to your home. Additionally, if left unfinished, a basement will likely incur higher utility costs. So installing proper insulation can help save you money in the long run!

At Ascension General Contractors, we have the experience and expertise to get your winter renovations done right and on time. We are a full-service general contractor company, and we’re proud to serve the Nashville community. Give us a call today to discuss your winter renovation plans!

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