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Which Home Renovation Projects Impact Your Homeowner’s Insurance?

Homeowners choose to do home renovations for many reasons. The existing home may not fit the family’s needs, the homeowner wants a pool or an addition, or they may be preparing to put their house on the market. 

Whatever the reason, the homeowner should consider whether or not their home renovation project will impact their home insurance policy. 

Ensuring that your homeowner’s policy protects your finances in case of damage or destruction to your home may mean the difference between paying a deductible and a large amount out of pocket.

What Are Some Of The Home Renovation Projects That Will Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance?

A major renovation can significantly increase your home’s value and the cost of your home insurance. Here are a few home improvements homeowners are most likely to consider, as well as their effect on insurance premiums:

  • Adding a pool to your Nashville home can increase its value and incentivize would-be buyers. However, a swimming pool is also considered an “attractive nuisance” that often significantly raises your liability risk, increasing your homeowner’s insurance premium.
  • Working remotely has become common recently, so if you are a home-based business owner or remote worker, adding an office could increase your home’s. However, it could also increase your homeowner’s insurance rates or require a separate home business policy that protects against crime and worker injuries.
  • Replacing old roofing may not be the most creative home improvement plan you’ve ever considered, but it can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance policy. When you upgrade old appliances, like your HVAC system, and replace your roof, it usually brings you a reduction in premium because your home is better protected with new materials.

Why Is Ascension General Contractors A Good Choice For My Home Organization Project?

The Ascension General Contractors team has over 40 years of combined experience in the business! We take pride in our reliability, excellent communication, integrity, and quality work. We are experts in our trade and do our best to keep you as informed as possible throughout your task or project, from start to finish. 

Contact us when you need help with renovation projects of all kinds. Our staff is:

  • Experienced, 
  • Dependable, 
  • Licensed, 
  • Insured 
  • And fully bonded!

Call us at (615) 802 9025 today!

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