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When Should You Renovate Your Commercial Real Estate

When you renovate your commercial real estate with the proper updates, you are bound to see improvement in several different areas of your business. Sometimes knowing that you need to upgrade is as simple as walking in and looking at whether you are happy with what you see. Other times, it requires a little more thought and investigation to determine if updates are essential. 

Today at Ascension General Contractors, we’d like to share with you how you can tell if it’s time to renovate to make it a little easier in the planning stages and for the project as a whole. 

How Do I Know It’s Time to Remodel My Commercial Building?

Deciding to remodel your commercial building is a big decision and project, so you’ll want to be sure to thoroughly examine the options you have and whether it’s worth the time and the investment. Then, when considering making some updates, ask yourself some of the following questions to help determine precisely the type of project you are looking at for your commercial space.

  • Are there clear signs of wear and tear?
  • Is my building accommodating the demand for the space I need?
  • Are my employees or tenants happy in their current environment? 
  • Has my building design fallen behind in the current market and my competitors? 

What Should I Consider When Renovating Commercial Real Estate?

If you’ve determined that your building is in fact in need of a good renovation, the next step is to plan exactly what you will upgrade. Here are some things we recommend you think about before updating your commercial real estate, whether it be an office space, apartment building, etc. 

  • Focus on Increasing the Value

No matter the type of commercial property you are working with, any renovation should ultimately bring good ROI. So be sure to choose updates that help improve the overall value of your property. 

  • Do a Complete Inspection 

Before you settle on any upgrades, walk through your commercial property and make a list of everything you’d like to improve as a guide for the planning process. 

  • Ask for Feedback

Many pieces go into a commercial renovation, so don’t be afraid to ask for professional help and feedback from employees or tenants to make the process smoother and finish with a better result. 

If you are planning a commercial real estate renovation, we’d love to help! At‌ Ascension‌ ‌General‌ ‌Contractors‌,‌ ‌we‌ ‌are‌ ‌a‌ ‌full-service‌ ‌general‌ ‌contractor‌ ‌and‌ ‌proud‌ ‌to‌ ‌serve‌ ‌the Nashville‌ ‌community. Contact us today to discuss your plans! 

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