What Is A Realistic Timeline for A Disaster Restoration Repair Job?

Recovering after a disaster is an involved process, so it is reasonable to have questions regarding the timeline for disaster restoration repairs. The disaster restoration process varies. But taking the proper steps from the beginning will benefit you and keep you from making costly mistakes both in time and money. 

As a company specializing in performing repairs after a disaster here at Ascension General Contractors, we’re sharing some things you should know to help you in the unfortunate situation you’ve experienced a disaster. 

What Timeline Can I Expect with Disaster Restoration Repairs?

After a disaster, home and business owners are eager to return to normal. But as much as many home and business owners wish there were a simple answer to how long the repairs to their property should take, the timeline of a repair project can vary depending on several things. Most minor repairs take a few days to complete, but the more extensive repairs can take up to several months to finish. Here are just a few things that can impact the timeline: 

  • The type of disaster that has occurred, such as water or fire damage
  • The extent of the damage to your property 
  • Whether precautions to avoid further damage were taken
  • The contractor you select to complete the repairs
  • Issues filing a claim with your insurance company

How Can I Ensure Disaster Restoration Repairs Promptly?

Although some control of the timeline may be out of the hands of the home or business owner that has experienced a disaster, there are still some steps you can take to help move the process along and avoid any additional delays. 

  • File a Claim Early

Be sure to act fast after your property has been damaged and file a claim with your insurance company. Any issues with your claim could result in additional time before permanent repairs can be completed. 

  • Take Steps to Protect Your Property

Failure to remove items from your home, shut off utilities, etc., can all result in additional damage to your property, which means a longer repair timeline. Save yourself time and money by taking immediate action as soon as it is safe to secure your property. 

  • Hire a Reputable Disaster Restoration Company

Hiring the wrong company to repair your property can result in additional time if repairs are not completed correctly or on time. Instead, make sure to select a reputable company in your area experienced in disaster restoration repairs to keep your project moving smoothly and faster. 

If you have experienced a disaster, we are here to help! At Ascension General Contractors, we specialize in helping home, and business owners make repairs to their properties so they can get back to normal as soon as possible. We are full-service repair specialists and proud to serve the Nashville community. So, give us a call today!

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