When Is The Best Time Of Year For My Home Remodeling Project?

You may be thinking about some home remodeling projects for your Nashville residence. Deciding when to begin them is an essential aspect of the renovation process. You wouldn’t want to install a pool or a hot tub in the middle of winter! 

Keep reading to learn more about the best time of year for each popular home renovation project.

Which Home Renovation Projects Are Best To Start In The Spring?

In the Spring, you can plan for these projects:

  • A new deck or patio you can enjoy all summer long. You’ll want to consult a designer and contractor in the winter to be prepared to start building your deck in the Spring while the ground is easier to build on. Working on your deck project in the Spring also means workers will enjoy cooler temperatures, and your space will be ready to use in the summertime.
  • It’s best to tackle an insulation project before summer comes around.
  • Installing new windows is a job many people do in the summer, but you might have an easier time booking your contractor before peak season. The cooler Spring temperatures will also be far more bearable for those who would have to install windows in the summertime heat.

Which Home Renovations Should I Do During The Summer Months? 

During the summer, it’s a good time to:

  • Living among the chaos of a remodel can be stressful. Summer is a popular season for vacations, however! Why not schedule your home remodeling project to be completed while you’re away? Choosing this strategy can help minimize your time living in the wreckage. 

Which Home Remodeling Projects Are Perfect For Fall And Winter?

The Fall and Winter months are perfect for many home remodeling projects:

  • With peak landscaping season behind you, you can find deals on landscaping services in the Fall. The moist soil and cooler temperatures are perfect for planting, so you can simultaneously start winterizing your outdoor spaces.
  • There are plenty of deals on appliances during the Fall; retailers hope to move the current year’s models out to make room for the newer appliances of the coming year so that sales will abound.
  • Just as you’re ready to turn off the AC for the year, you might want to have a professional make sure everything is in working order for next year; this is also an optimal time to winterize the AC unit by adding a waterproof cover.

You must consider many things when planning your Nashville home remodeling project. Let Ascension General Contractors help you get the job done right! We will work with you to determine the perfect time to plan and execute your renovation. 

You can always count on us! We are proud to have served our Nashville neighbors for the last decade, and we look forward to many more years of helping Nashvillians renovate their homes and businesses.

  • Our customers are satisfied with what we do! Read testimonials from people who have worked with us on various projects here.
  • When renovating your kitchen or any other room in your home, you can be sure that your project will be completed on time and within your budget when working with Ascension General Contractors.
  • We pride ourselves on our reliability, excellent communication, integrity, and quality work
  • We are experts in our trade and do our best to keep you as educated as possible on your task or project. 

Our team is experienced, dependable, licensed, insured, and fully bonded! Call us about your Nashville home renovation today at (615) 802 9057. We look forward to earning your business! 

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