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What to Know About Property Damage Insurance

Filing a property insurance claim when you’ve experienced damage to your home is a difficult task. Your homeowner’s insurance coverage gives you financial protection against loss due to disasters, theft, and accidents. Knowing where to start can help ease any extra headaches along the way and ensure that your claim is filed as smoothly as possible.

Today, at Ascension General Contractors, we are sharing some key details and information you should be aware of when filing a property damage insurance claim.

What Should I Know About Filing A Property Damage Insurance Claim?

The First Step

If your home has been damaged, the first step you should take is to read through your insurance policy carefully. You want to be well informed on the basics of the policy, any exclusions or limitations that exist, and additional coverage on your property. This will help you know what the insurance company will look at covering.  

Removing Debris

It is important to know that as the homeowner, you are responsible for clearing any debris on the property. Depending on your policy, the cost for this work may be covered. If the damage to your home happened in a natural disaster, contact your local government officials to see if they have a debris removal program. Any temporary repairs that you make, need to be documented with pictures. Also, only make the necessary repairs to ensure you get a fair settlement.


Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to when you can expect your property damage insurance claim to be processed and paid. Claims can take anywhere from weeks to months to receive a payout depending on the circumstances and any complications. Keeping an accurate inventory of your property, filing a claim as soon as possible, knowing your policy details, and documenting loss efficiently can all help expedite a claim. 

Common Issues

Limited coverage, delays, confusion over coverage, and low estimates or settlement offers are all things that can happen with property damage insurance claims. Being aware of what these are can help you avoid them in the unfortunate event your home is damaged. 

If you have experienced damage to your property, the team here at Ascension General Contractors is a full-service repair company and here to help! We are proud to serve Nashville residents as General Contractors. 

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