What Is A Realistic Timeline For My Nashville Home Renovation?

Home improvement TV shows often make it seem like you can complete a dramatic home makeover in a very short timeline. However, renovating a single small bathroom can easily take three months from design to finished construction. In contrast, a fuller renovation of several rooms or a larger room can take half a year, sometimes even longer!

However, there are many benefits to giving your design project a healthy timeline. Today we’re sharing some honest advice on why and how you should plan out your Nashville home renovation project on a realistic schedule, no matter what size that task may be or whether you’re working with a designer or on your own.

What Comes First In My Home Renovation Timeline?

  • Research. It will help if you do some research before the project is entirely underway. Therefore, take your time in gathering ideas and browsing for inspiration.
  • Permits. Besides researching your dream design, you’ll also need to check into any existing conditions that will need to be handled; this includes building permits you may need to obtain. 
  • Timeline. Allow two to six months for your design process. 
  • One month: Checking on building codes and requirements, consulting with experts – such as pest control or electricians – and getting the space measured professionally.
  • One to three months: You will be working with your designer to define your goals. 
  • One to three months: Shopping for materials and finishes will be done.
  • Construction. This part of the process includes materials delivery and the actual construction. Depending on the project, you may be looking at three to nine months. It would be wise to add at least two months to your estimation to cover unexpected emergencies (they WILL happen) to your estimated timeline. For example, if your project must be done by a particular event or move-in date, that extra buffer may come in handy!

Why Is Ascension General Contractors The Right Choice For My Nashville Home Renovation?

Our team is experienced and committed to getting your project done promptly. We handle:

  • Remodeling
  • Additions
  • Siding
  • Decks
  • Roofing
  • Painting

It is imperative to have a team of experienced professionals you can trust to remodel your Nashville home. Whether your project entails an entire remodel or repairs to your family home, Ascension General Contractors is known for our ability to quickly align with your project to keep it running smoothly and on time. 

Our team will guide you through your residential and commercial improvements to make educated decisions that best fit your needs!

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