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What Are The Wallpaper And Paint Trends For Homes In 2024?

Early Spring is always an excellent time for home improvement projects; the busyness of the holiday season is over, and we have a bit of a quiet stretch between New Year’s Day and Easter. What’s on your home improvement list for your Nashville home in 2024? If it involves a new wallpaper or paint coating to brighten one of your rooms – or maybe your whole house! – We would like to share some exciting trends with you today.

Should I Give My Nashville Home A Quick Facelift With Paint In 2024?

You’ll love interior and exterior paint trends for the coming year! 

  • According to House Beautiful, Fall is the time to choose the “colors of the year” in house paint. Follow the link for the top choices for 2024!
  • If you need to guard against mold and mildew, look at this information about paint that can help.
  • Your home’s exterior may need a fresh look, and we have some exciting color palette options guaranteed to elevate its curb appeal here!

Why Are Wallpaper Styles On Trend For 2024?

Modern wallpaper is high on Nashville homeowners’ lists for home improvement options, and there are several reasons why:

  • A hot trend for 2024 is vintage wallpaper; these designs suit a historic building or add charm to a new build and create a sense of comfort.
  • Wallpaper trends for 2024 still can’t get enough of the cottagecore trend. Cottagecore isn’t just about pretty floral wallpaper, hanging dried flowers, and homemade rag rugs – it’s a lifestyle choice. 
  • Retro pop art wallpaper is perfect if you love bold color, design, and a mid-century vibe.

Ascension General Contractors is here to help you with all your Nashville home improvement projects. We are also a full-service repair company, so you can count on us when you are faced with items that need to be fixed. 

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