What Are Some Unique Kitchen Configurations For 2022?

Our world is constantly changing; social and economic factors significantly impact our lifestyles. Over the past few years, we’ve become more attentive to home and family, and our interior decorating choices reflect that. 

We see a return to the use of historic and antique pieces, a hearkening back to color palettes from bygone eras, and a desire for more comfort and flexibility in our spaces. 

Let’s talk about how the changes in our world have affected kitchen design; some fascinating and unique kitchen configurations are on the market today!

Which Kitchen Designs Reflect The World We Live In Today?

Some exciting design trends are popping up in 2022; the kitchen space is evolving into a much different room than it used to be in the past. Here are a few unique kitchen configurations we think you’ll love:

  • Double islands have become quite popular this year. Having separate spaces for food preparation and entertaining is helpful without leaving our guests in the next room. A second island provides a spot for your guests to gather around and enjoy hors d’ oeuvres or drinks while you prep.
  • The outdoor kitchen has become the second heart of our homes. These outdoor kitchen areas borrow from the indoor kitchen concept by using upper cabinets, fun appliances, and accessories similar to what we use for cooking in the house. We’ve developed a fresh appreciation for the natural beauty we’re surrounded with, and cooking (and eating) outdoors allows us to make the most of it.
  • Prep kitchens, back kitchens, or sculleries are cropping up in today’s homes. The central kitchen is typically created to flow seamlessly with the main house decor, so adding a prep kitchen gives you space to can vegetables, prepare coffee, or bake bread without making a mess in the main kitchen.

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