How Can I Save Money On My Kitchen Renovation?

Are you thinking about doing a kitchen renovation in your Nashville home? If so, we’re not surprised; the busiest room in every home is the kitchen!

Even if you aren’t a foodie family, your kitchen is probably your gathering place for after-school snacks and conversation. During parties and get-togethers, your guests will gravitate to the kitchen for the drinks and snacks or enjoy your company. 

Lifestyles are constantly changing, and today is no different. For example, food preparation has become a social activity for many people. That means much of the home’s life takes place in the same area as the cooking. As you consider your renovation, you’ll want to ask yourself what your dream kitchen should look like – that’s the first step. 

The cost of your amazing renovation is going to be the next factor to consider, of course. Let’s talk about ways to save money on your kitchen renovation.

What Are Some Cost-Saving Tips I Can Use To Save Money On My Renovation Project?

  • The only way you can pay your contractor less is to do the work yourself, but you canchoose less-expensive materials, such as tile, light fixtures, or a range. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association:
    • nearly a third of the materials’ budget goes to cabinetry and hardware, followed by their installation; 
    • appliances and ventilation run around 14 percent
    • countertops, flooring, lighting, walls, and ceilings, design fees, doors and windows, and faucets and plumbing constitute small amounts of less than 10 percent.
  • As you can see, cabinetry is the most expensive piece of a kitchen remodeling project, so carefully consider your choices. You could opt for open shelves in some kitchen areas; it takes less craftsmanship and labor to construct a board than a cabinet. You can even choose to buy shelves yourself and hang them, too.
  • Once you start shifting appliances around, you can expect costs to rise, and that’s because you will need new plumbing and electrical. If you can keep the same general layout and not have to move the flooring, you’ll save more.

Why Should I Choose Ascension General Contractors To Help With My Nashville Kitchen Renovation?

At Ascension General Contractors, we want to be your “go-yo” renovation and repair partners. 

  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our communication through your claim, repair, or remodel process. When it comes to your home, you must have a team of experienced professionals you can trust.
  • Whether your project entails a complete remodel or repairs to your family home, Ascension General Contractors is known for our ability to align with the project’s needs quickly to keep it running smoothly and on time.
  • Our team can guide you through your residential and commercial improvements to make educated decisions that best fit your needs.

Contact us at Ascension General Contractors to discuss how we can help you complete your Nashville kitchen renovation project. 

You can learn more about our projects and what our previous clients say about us by visiting our website.

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