What Are Some Home Improvement Projects That Are Perfect For A Rainy Day?

We often say, “I’ll just save that project for a rainy day?” Well – you might be sitting at home right now, experiencing that rainy day! If so, today is the perfect day to complete some of those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. 

A home improvement project doesn’t have to be a big, involved, expensive venture; you can often brighten up a room taking up an entire week or breaking the bank.

Let’s discuss some home improvement projects perfect for a rainy day.

How Can I Spice Up My Nashville Home On This Rainy Day?

Rainy days mean you can’t spend much time outside, so why not put all that time indoors to good use? Do you have rooms in your home that just aren’t what you want them to be? Does the gloomy sky outside make you want to bring some fresh pops of color indoors? Here are some rainy-day home improvement ideas for you!

  • Temporary peel-and-stick wallpaper adds some vibrant color and patterns to a room without damaging the walls. Try papering a focal wall or a small, low-humidity space like a powder room or closet to keep this project under budget.  
  • Refresh outdated floors with our step-by-step guide to painting and stenciling ceramic tile. All you need are basic supplies and a free weekend to transform the look of your laundry room, bathroom, or anywhere in your home plagued by old or dirty tile. 
  • Give doors and windows a total overhaul by framing them in farmhouse-inspired trim. Not only is this project much easier to DIY than you think, but it’s also surprisingly affordable, 
  • A cluster of lush, green plants adds instant style to any space, especially when potted in sleek containers and arranged on colorful, re-claimed stools from your favorite antique or thrift store.

Who Should I Call If I Am Planning Major Renovations To My Nashville Home?

You might have more in mind than a simple home improvement project you can do yourself in one day. Who should you call? 

You should call Ascension General Contractors, of course! We are a team of experienced and skilled construction and remodeling professionals, and we can be reached at (615) 802 9025.

Ascension General Contractors is a full-service general contracting company with extensive experience in both residential and commercial property repair and renovation. Our experience and renovation industry relationships give us the unique ability to guide you through the sometimes complicated process of working with restoration and renovations during the claims process.

  • We pride ourselves on our work’s quality and communication through your claim, repair, or remodel process. When it comes to your home, you must have a team of experienced professionals you can trust. 
  • Whether your project entails a complete remodel or repairs to your family home, Ascension General Contractors is known for our ability to align with project needs quickly to keep your project running smoothly and on time. 
  • Our team can guide you through your residential and commercial improvements to make educated decisions that best fit your needs.

Contact us at Ascension General Contractors to discuss how we can help you complete your Nashville business renovation project. 

You can learn more about our projects and what our previous clients say about us by visiting our website!

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