Green-walled bathroom with toilet and two sinks

What Are Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas For My Nashville Home?

With all the traffic that goes through your bathroom, it can start to look run down faster than other rooms in your home. Broken fixtures, scratched surfaces, peeling paint, and other issues can immediately appear, making your bathroom seem shabby. 

Whether you’re hoping to put your Nashville home on the market or upgrade your bathroom for a more pleasing environment, this will be a satisfying renovation project in more ways than one.

A bathroom makeover can give you a great return on your investment, which is always a smart thing to consider when planning a renovation project; if you can save money completing your makeover, so much the better!

What Are Some Top Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover Projects For Me To Choose From?

We’ve curated some inexpensive bathroom renovation projects we think you’ll love. Here they are:

  • Swap outdated lighting; replace vanity lights for a more updated look.
  • Recaulk or reglaze the tub; this can be a more budget-friendly alternative to replacing an outdated tub.
  • A fresh coat of paint will go a long way in your bathroom. Whether you pick the same hue to cover up years of built-up dirt and grime or a new shade to brighten up the space, paint instantly refreshes the bathroom.
  • Bathrooms always need more storage for extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, towels, and linens. Get clutter off the sink and keep the bathroom spotless by adding tall storage cabinets.
  • Replace outdated or damaged hardware and upgrade a shabby space in less than a day. For a hint of luxury without the price tag, swap in trendy hardware pieces and choose hardware that matches your plumbing fixtures for a cohesive look. 

Why Are Ascension General Contractors My Go-To For My Bathroom Renovation?

Home renovations are significant undertakings, and a bathroom is the same – even if it is a smaller space. Hiring Ascension General Contractors will save you a lot of time and trouble. 

  • We offer services in everything you need for a renovation project. You tell us what you need, and we will make all the arrangements, coordinate, and schedule to finish your project promptly.
  • If something goes wrong during your renovation, you’re responsible for the damages if you’re doing it yourself. On the other hand, if you use a general contractor, everything will be covered if a problem arises because general contractors have liability insurance.
  • If you try to take care of the renovations yourself, you’ll spend most of your time researching and teaching yourself how to do the project, purchasing the right tools, and completing your project will take much longer. Using the services of a general contractor like Ascension General Contractors – who already have the skills, tools, and resources to complete your project – will mean your bathroom will be updated much more quickly.

The Ascension General Contractors team is skilled, experienced, licensed, insured, and fully bonded. We are proud to have served the Nashville community for over ten years! We handle all construction/renovation projects, from decks and roofing to additions and remodeling. Call us at (615) 802 9025 today!

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