What Are Some Budget-Friendly Ways To Cool My Nashville Home This Summer?

Staying cool during a long, hot Nashville summer doesn’t necessarily mean you must keep your air-conditioning running day and night – the costs can be astronomical. Today we’re sharing some methods to cool your house that will be easier on your budget!

How Do I Keep My Nashville House Cool And Comfortable During Hot Weather Without Breaking The Bank?

We’ve compiled some cost-effective ways to keep your house cool and comfortable during the year’s hottest months. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Set your thermostat above 78 degrees Fahrenheit if you have central air conditioning. With each degree above that mark, you’ll save 5 to 8 percent on cooling costs! Setting the thermostat at 80 degrees can save you 10 to 15 percent for a typical household, while raising it to 85 degrees may save as much as 35 to 55 percent. If you leave home for over an hour, set your thermostat to 85 or 90 degrees, and reset it upon your return – your room will cool down in 15 minutes or less! Your system will use a lot less energy during the cooling down period than if you had left it running at a lower temperature.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy states that most attics should have R-22 and R-49 insulation. Go to the Department of Energy website to check what’s suitable for your region. Temperatures in your attic can reach 150 degrees on a hot day, costing you up to 40 percent more in cooling costs if you don’t manage it.
  • A fan costs two to five cents per hour, making a room feel up to 6 degrees cooler. A fan also works well in partnership with your air conditioner because the dehumidification of the air conditioner creates drier air that the fan then moves around. In rooms used frequently, install a ceiling fan and set it to spin counterclockwise during warmer months. Running the fan only when in the room saves you the most money. A motion-detector switch can also be added, which turns the fan on and off when you leave and enter the room. (If you have pets, their movement can set the motion detector off.)
  • When the temperature drops at night, open your windows and bring in cool air with fans or a whole-house fan. When the sun rises, and the air starts to heat up, shut your windows and shades and keep doors closed.

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