Disaster Restoration Specialist Contractors

What Are Disaster Restoration Specialist Contractors?

If you’ve ever wondered who you should call to restore your home after a disaster, then you are in the right place. Some contractors only provide construction and remodeling services, but there are others who not only provide those services but are also disaster restoration specialist contractors. So what exactly is the difference and how do you know which one you should call? 

Today at Ascension General Contractors, we want to share with you some differences between the two and what you should look for when determining the contractor you should contact. 

What Exactly is a Disaster Restoration Specialist Contractor?

Construction Vs Restoration 

To start defining the difference between building contractors and disaster restoration specialist contractors it’s important to know the services they provide. Building contractors will primarily focus on replacement, whereas disaster restoration contractors focus on, well, restoration. Rather than replacing, a disaster restoration contractor will do their best to restore your property without the need for the added costs of replacement. They can provide thorough inspections and identify the materials and items that can be salvaged and restored. So if your property has experienced water or fire damage,  you should call a disaster restoration specialist. But if you are looking to add on to your kitchen, you will want to call a building contractor for your project. 


Although a general contractor has the tools needed to complete your average remodeling project, they will not likely have the equipment you need to restore your home after water or fire damage. Without the proper equipment, damage can be missed and could cause additional destruction to your property. For example, failure to properly remove water after your home has been flooded can cause mold to grow and spread quickly. There also could be hidden damage to your structure that a building contractor could miss. A disaster restoration specialist contractor, however, has the equipment needed to efficiently restore your property and protect it from further damage as well. 

Training & Experience

When it comes to training and experience, it’s important that it fits the needs of your project. Building contractors will likely have years of experience and training on a vast majority of remodeling and renovation projects. A disaster restoration specialist will have the added experience of working on projects after a disaster. From working with insurance companies to being empathetic with homeowners and business owners who’ve experienced a disaster. Disaster restoration contractors will also have specific training on what to look for when it comes to restoring your property. This increases safety and helps ensure you are working with someone who understands your situation well. 

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we have the experience and equipment needed to restore your property after a disaster! We are full-service general contractors and repair specialists proud to serve the Nashville community. 

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