Should You Add On To Your Nashville Home?

Increasing the square footage of your Nashville home by adding on can be an excellent decision for many reasons. Let’s discuss the benefits of adding extra space to your house!

What Are The Benefits Of Adding On To Your House?

The need for more space is often why people decide to add to their homes, but that’s not always the case.

  • Adding on will allow you to make room for a growing family or older relatives who can’t live alone anymore. If you own your own business or work remotely, a home office can be an excellent addition that gives you dedicated space and a place for privacy and quiet. Are you focused on health? That’s great – create your state-of-the-art home gym!
  • Many home improvement projects, like additions, bring a great return on that investment (ROI). If you plan to sell your home at some point, this is one aspect you’ll want to consider. Family rooms, bedroom suites, and attic bedrooms are at the top of this list
  • Some older homes – such as those in the classic Nashville neighborhoods – could benefit from adding on to bring more light into the house. In the past, windows were smaller and less prevalent due to the need to conserve energy. Still, with today’s energy-efficient materials and protective windows, you can let the light in without breaking the bank. 

What Are Some Popular Home Addition Ideas You Can Consider?

A few of the more popular home addition ideas you may want to contemplate are:

  • Sunrooms are popular and affordable and are generally constructed from vinyl or aluminum. A sunroom will enable you to save money by skipping heating and using the room only through the warmer months (or only when the sun shines directly on the room during winter).
  • A detached garage that stands on its own, away from the house, where you could also consider a second level for living, workshop, or storage space, or attached so it sits on the side of your home. The latter is generally more affordable.
  • If one bathroom is no longer enough, building a second bathroom or an ensuite may be best. Consider all the extras and decide if you want something more budget-friendly before you begin. Inclusions, such as spa fixtures and hardware in a bathroom can be expensive.

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