repurposing your attic

Repurposing Your Attic Space

Unfortunately, attics are often overlooked when you consider remodeling your home. Attics are often used as storage and neglected as they accumulate a collection of old items. If you are simply using your attic for storage, you are truly missing out on some awesome ways to use this space. 

With the right creative idea, you can dust off the cobwebs in your attic and turn your attic into usable living space. And today, at Ascension General Contractors, we’ve got you covered with some of the best ideas for repurposing your attic space. 

Ideas for Repurposing Your Attic Space


If you have a larger attic, converting it into an extra bedroom in your home can be a great way to repurpose your attic. This can create a bedroom that is cozy and spacious, along with the bedroom being on its floor is an added benefit. Even if you have a small attic, you can opt for a twin size bed to make this renovation work for you. Finish your new attic design by adding a dresser, some white paint to make the room seem bigger, and ventilation. 

Home Library

The attic is probably one of the quietest places in a home, which means that for the avid book reader, a home library can be a dream come true. Especially if you are running out of space for your growing book collection, an attic library is a great storage solution. Simply add some built-in shelves, a reading area, and your books, and you’ve got a home library. 

Entertainment Room

If you’ve always wanted extra room for entertaining, consider converting your attic into an entertainment room to host those family game nights. Depending on the space you have, there are several options for designing this space. You could add a pool table and even a bar with a mini-fridge close by. Wall-shelving makes great storage for all of your favorite board games and installing soft flooring can help increase the comfort of the room. 


Need a quiet place to escape from all of the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home to work? An attic can make the perfect home office to allow you to do just that! And because attics can be quite spacious if you are simply adding a desk, there is plenty of opportunities to add ample storage. If you have space left, you can also add some other minimal furniture. 


Repurposing your attic into a playroom may seem like a big undertaking, but if you need extra space for our kids to run around and play, renovating your attic can make it the perfect place. You’ll need to think about how your kids will access the attic and the type of staircase or ladder and railing you should add that will provide the proper safety measures necessary. Make sure to add plenty of lighting and storage nooks for all kinds of toys. Additionally, consider insulating the floor and adding large area rugs to make it even cozier. 

Ready to repurpose your attic? At Ascension General Contractors, we have the experience and skills needed to make your remodeling goals happen. We are a full-service general contractor company and repair specialists, and proud to serve the Nashville community. Call us today!

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