How Do I Refresh My Home For The New Year?

Have you realized that your Nashville home needs a facelift? With a new year just around the corner, now is an excellent time to make changes to give your home a more exciting look and feel. 

Keep reading to learn about some inspiring trends for home renovation!

What Are Some Inspiring Home Renovation Trends For 2023?

Today we want to share our industry experience to help you find inspiration that fits your aesthetic and budget. Get ready to embrace 2023 by adding notable remodeling trends to your home!

  • We’re seeing a significant shift toward attractive, innovative designs with minimalist intentions. Expect more geometric patterns in tile, natural materials like granite and marble for countertops, and various metal finishes in bathroom cabinetry hardware and lighting. 
  • 2023 is all about “innovation meets multi-function.” Open floor plans will offer you the most flexibility in terms of the use of space. We expect continued interest in open floor plans that accommodate various needs in the coming year.
  • Whether you’re looking to keep items out of sight, spotlight something you love, or add coveted extra space, built-in storage is transformative. Clutter makes our anxiety levels rise. Storage provides the organization homeowners are craving, helping reorganize our homes more naturally. Declutter your space by adding organization options like pull-out shelves for small kitchen appliances or a built-in charging station.

Why Is Ascension General Contractors My Best Choice For My 2023 Nashville Home Refresh?

The trends we mentioned today are just a few of the exciting home renovation concepts for 2023. At Ascension General Contractors, we are happy to sit down with you and discuss what you would like to accomplish in your Nashville home. In addition to renovations and other projects, we are full-service repair specialists, so no matter what you need, we’re here to get the job done. 

Our staff is 

  • experienced, 
  • dependable, 
  • licensed, 
  • insured and 
  • fully bonded 

We’re proud to have served the Nashville community for ten years! You can read these testimonials to see what your Nashville friends and neighbors say about us and what we do. 

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