How Do I Prepare My Nashville Property For A Natural Disaster?

No matter what part of the country you live in, you will probably face a natural disaster of some kind at some point. Whether it’s a flood, a fire, or a tornado, you’ll want to be ready. Preparing your Nashville property for a natural disaster event will help you save the costs of repairs and the time you’ll have to spend on getting those repairs done and will also keep your family or workforce safe. 

What Are Some Steps I Can Take To Get My Property Ready In Case Of A Natural Disaster?

Here are a few things you can do now to get your Nashville property ready in case of a storm or other natural disaster:

  • Plan an inspection of your home and yard to determine if your home has a leaky roof or windows – these can cause significant problems during the heavy rains and strong winds of a major storm. Ensure that all your exterior doors, windows, and shutters fit correctly and are weather-stripped appropriately. Be proactive by inspecting roofing and repairing issues ahead of storms so your home will withstand high winds.
  • Unstable large trees and bushes will be a danger in the high winds of a tornado or fire. To avoid severe damage to your home, trim trees and bushes with large, heavy branches so that windows and vehicles are not in danger of destruction by flying debris. If vegetation is unhealthy and dying, it should be removed from your property as a proactive measure. 
  • Your Nashville property may have drainage ditches or creeks to handle excess water during storms. Take time to inspect these areas and remove debris or dirt that might obstruct water flow from heavy rain since a major storm will often cause flooding of all waterways. A clogged drainage ditch or creek bed can be the source of damage to your property during such an event. Proper drainage can also be an issue in parking areas, so you will want to thoroughly inspect your walkways, parking areas, and entrances to your home or garage. Ensure that any outbuildings can all be accessed even if you experience flooding on your property.

How Can I Put Safety First During A Natural Disaster?

In addition to preparing your property for a disaster, you’ll also want to take the proper steps to keep people safe

  • In the case of a major storm, your cell phone service could be at risk, so you might want to consider installing a landline in case cell phone towers are damaged or go down. 
  • Having an emergency radio and a supply of batteries is another proactive way to prepare.  
  • Ensure that everyone who drives in your family or to your business knows safe routes home and that they should never go into flowing water. Even the smallest creek can become a considerable danger during a heavy storm with heavy rainfall. 
  • Establish a safe place to stay for those who may be out during bad weather in case they get caught behind floodwaters. 
  • Stock up on drinking water and foods prepared without heat, and have light sources. 

The Ascension General Contractors team is here to help you be prepared for whatever comes, and if the worst should happen, we’re also here to help you recover. We are proud to have served our Nashville friends and neighbors for the past decade as a full-service repair company! 

Learn more about our repair process and our projects by visiting our website. Contact us today for more information. 

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