A Checklist For Creating Your Home Renovation Budget

Once you’ve decided that you really are going to jump into that home renovation project you’ve been dreaming about, you will quickly realize that there’s a lot to it. The best way to wrangle a big project is to take it one step at a time. 

We recommend that you make a checklist to create your budget, first and foremost. You need to know how much you have to spend, and you also need to know whether your dreams will empty your bank account.

Building A Perfect Home Renovation Budget Checklist

What Are The First Three Items For My Home Renovation Budget Checklist?

Here are the first three items you should include in your checklist:

  1. The first point on your budget checklist should outline what you hope to accomplish. Is this a complete house renovation or just a bedroom facelift? 
  2. Do you have financing in place? Do you need it? The next point on your checklist should involve your financial requirements – completing loan applications, etc., and establishing how much you have to spend.
  3. Next, enumerate every item permitted, designed, built, purchased, installed, fitted, and finished; this should be an itemized checklist by room. Include a complete list of everything you might need for your project. 

Note: Talking generally and leaving the technical stuff to the professional puts the contractor in charge of deciding what the finished result will look like, which materials to use, and what the ultimate cost may be. No matter how hard they work to understand what you mean, even high-quality contractors left to themselves will be forced to interpret your project independently. The more you have on paper, the easier it is for everyone, and the more accurate their proposals will be.

How Do I Hire The Right Contractor For My Nashville Home Renovation?

You will want to select the right contractor for your home or business renovation project so you can have confidence in the outcome. 

  • Size/Type of project. For a large-scale project, you will need a general contractor who may hire subcontractors for any specialty work, such as electrical or plumbing. If you have renovation experience, you may want to work as your own general contractor and hire tradespeople for each job. While this may save you money, it will be time-consuming. If you are focusing on an outdoor kitchen/deck project, you may want to find a contractor specializing in this work. 
  • Word of mouth. Your friends, relatives, and neighbors can provide references and are often your best resource. You can also ask people in the building industry, and employees of local hardware stores may also know some great people who do great work, as well as those companies/contractors who are known for their expertise in certain kinds of jobs.
  • Interviews. Interview at least three contractors, and ask lots of questions. You should also get a written bid from each for comparison. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, either. 
  • Background Research. General contractors and subcontractors should be licensed, but it depends on the state and municipality in which you live. Contact your area disciplinary boards, the Better Business Bureau, and your local court records to find out if there have been any issues or litigation. Your contractor should provide you and any subcontractors with a copy of their license. 

When it comes to your home or business improvement or repair project, our Ascension General Contractors team is here to help. We have the skills and experience necessary to complete your project, and we are also a full-service repair company. Call us today at (615) 802 9025, and let’s get started!

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