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How Can You Turn A Small Area Into A Multifunctional Space?

Over the past few years, our homes have become places to live, work, entertain, and homeschool. Many of us live in smaller homes, so we’ve had to rethink how we use every available inch. When creating a multifunctional space out of your small living area, a few things to keep in mind are the type of furniture used, how vertical space is employed, and how to maximize storage without creating additional clutter. 

What Are Some Inspirational Tips For Creating Multifunctional Spaces In Your Nashville Home?

Here are a few ideas on ways to make your small spaces multifunctional.

  • To create a multifunctional kitchen and dining space, consider removing upper cabinetry and swapping them with open shelving. This shelving gives you extra storage space and places for dishes, drinkware, and kitchen aids.
  • A kitchen island is perfect for prepping meals, dining, and social gatherings, and if you choose one with cabinets underneath, it can double as storage. Your kitchen island can become a workstation for school and work projects and more.
  • Place a desk behind your couch or get a small side coffee table that can double as your desk for working from home. 
  • An underused walk-in closet is perfect for creating a workstation when you don’t have a spare room!
  • To make a space flexible, use a room divider to semi-screen your bedroom from the living space. The screen can act as both a privacy screen and a storage solution.

Can Ascension General Contractors Help Me Create A Multifunctional Space?

We are here to help you achieve all your Nashville home renovation projects! We work hard to earn your business. 

  • We specialize in renovation projects, from painting and decking to siding and roofing – we do it all!
  • Whether your project entails a renovation or repairs to your apartment home, Ascension General Contractors is known for our ability to quickly align with the needs of your project to keep it running smoothly and on time.
  • We are a full-service general contracting company with extensive experience in residential and commercial property repair and renovation.

Ascension General Contractors will help you when renovating your home. Contact us today to get started on your Nashville home renovation project!

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