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How Can I Stay Warm And Improve My Nashville Home At The Same Time?

You may have some amazing upgrades you want to do in your Nashville home this winter – but it’s wintertime! That means the weather certainly won’t cooperate with your home improvement plans, but many indoor projects are perfect for cold weather. 

We’ve got a list of a few you’ll be interested in below – and you may be inspired to come up with a few more on your own!

What Are Some Indoor Home Improvement Projects That Are Perfect For Cold Weather?

If you’re looking for some wintertime home improvement inspiration, you may find some here:

  • Transform any room from blah to beautiful easily with a fresh paint job. A simple coat of paint or color upgrade to your shade of choice will work wonders in improving your space’s look and feel. You can keep it classy or go outside the box with some of the brightest and boldest colors of the season.
  • Upgrading your living room lighting this winter creates the perfect invitation for your family and friends to gather and make merriment in the comfort of your home. Soft white and warm lighting works best in living room spaces and can transform this gathering space into an inviting and welcoming one.
  • The winter season may be costly if you have yet to take the time to ensure that your home is adequately insulated. Still, there is always time to improve and end your home’s energy waste from old or ineffective insulation. With the high cost of fuel and energy at present, take the steps necessary to upgrade, resolving any insulation issues for your home now so you can start saving this winter season.
  • You can give your bathroom the visual refresh it needs by regrouting all your bathroom tiling. The warmer temperatures and increased humidity of later seasons can affect your bathroom’s squeaky-clean environment due to increased mildew and hard water stains. Still, winter is the perfect time to restore your bathroom tile to squeaky clean. 

What Are Some Home Upgrades I Can Complete Before Spring?

While improving your home, you may want to plan and complete some projects before the start of spring. Consider the following:

  • Remember to replace your HVAC filters before the temperatures rise enough to start using your air conditioning.
  • Give your carpet a deep cleaning to lift stains so your carpet will be clean and fresh for the new season. 
  • Stock up on cleaning supplies for your garbage disposal, coffee maker, dishwasher, and washing machine. They all need occasional scrub-downs, and spring is the perfect time for a fresh start.
  • Purchase new gardening and yard tools to replace old and worn-out items. Now is the time to buy your garden seeds, and you can even order your compost and soil for delivery in warmer weather.

If you need help with some of the more technical aspects of an improvement project for your Nashville home, contact us at Ascension General Contractors to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your goals. 

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