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Home Repair Emergencies: What Do I Do While I Wait For My Repair Specialist?

When home repair emergencies happen, you may not know what to do, and that can paralyze you. You will probably think, “What do I do now?” The best response always depends on the problem at hand, and if the emergency is severe enough, that response may be to request the assistance of a home repair specialist! 

While you’re waiting for your home repair company to arrive, there may be some things you can do to remediate the problem or prevent more damage from happening. Let’s look at frequent household emergencies and your best response for each. 

How Do I Handle Common Household Emergencies?

If an emergency occurs in your Nashville home and you have called a professional home repair company, you will be waiting a bit for them to arrive. Why not take proactive steps to protect your home while you wait?

  • Flooding. Your home has a main water valve that controls the flow of water; it’s often in the basement or near the front of the house. If you have a bad leak, turn this valve off immediately to prevent costly water damage.
  • Faulty Furnace. Remember to shut down your furnace’s electrical power before looking inside. Check to see if the pilot light has gone out in your gas furnace and needs re-igniting. If the pilot light isn’t the problem, check for signs of damaged wiring or burnt-out censors and switches to narrow down the issue. Make sure the fan and motor are also working.
  • Overflowing Toilet. Stop the flow of water by turning off the valve at the back of the toilet near the wall. Quickly mop up standing water to prevent further damage, then look for the source of the issue. Look for clogs and other problems, like trouble with the fill tube or float, that are keeping the toilet from draining.
  • Heating or Cooling Unit Issues. If your heating or cooling unit has suddenly stopped working, turn off the device at the thermostat and check the power source. Sometimes, a GFCI outlet can flip, causing cooling units to stop running as they should (this fix is as easy as pushing the reset button on the outlet). Also, a blown fuse in your electrical box can short out your system without warning; flip the fuse back into its correct position if you’re comfortable doing so. 

When choosing a full-service repair company, consider Ascension General Contractors!

Why Should I Choose Ascension General Contractors For My Remodeling Project? 

At Ascension General Contractors, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our communication throughout the process of your repair, claim, or remodel. When it comes to your home, you must have a team of experienced professionals you can trust!

Our team is: 

  • Experienced 
  • Dependable 
  • Licensed 
  • Insured 
  • Fully bonded 

We are a full-service general contracting company with extensive experience in both residential and commercial property repair and renovation. Call us at (615) 802 9025 for more information.

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