interior of modern commercial property building


When it comes to being a smart business owner, you know how to save money as well as make it. You also know that the upkeep of your commercial enterprise is extremely important, and that can be expensive. So today we’re going to talk about some commercial upkeep tips that will save you money!

Environmentally friendly. When you install products and appliances that are environmentally friendly, there are often tax benefits. In some instances, government rebates are available for the installation of energy efficient heating and cooling systems, as well.

Indigenous planting. You want your commercial property to look good, so landscaping is a must. Using indigenous plantings is going to be an attractive and cost-effective way to do that, saving you hundreds of dollars yearly on upkeep such as fertilizers and water. Plants that belong in your area virtually care for themselves.

Thinking ahead. Routine maintenance and regular inspection of your grounds and buildings will alert you to potential issues before they grow into huge ones. A small leak is easier to fix than a burst pipe, while a ceiling water stain is a telltale sign of a roofing weakness, and that is always smart to address right away and will save you money as well, by preventing a disaster.

Mold remediation. In the event that a mold colony begins, calling a professional mold remediation company will be a great way to save you money by preventing that colony to spread and cost thousands of dollars in damages over time. You can even lose business if a colony makes your premises unpleasant to your clients.

Energy efficient appliances. Replacing appliances and office equipment needs to be done regularly, and if you choose energy efficient items you will be doing yourself a financial favor. There are a lot of products on the market today that are cost saving and more efficient. Replacing doors and windows with more energy efficient models will save you in energy costs, as well.

When it comes to upkeep on your commercial property, we are here to help. Contact Ascension General Contractors today!