farmhouse chic kitchen with breakfast bar and metal stools for seating


2019 is all about a fresh new kitchen attitude. Whether you’re considering a total remodel or just looking for some inspiration for a simple refresh, there is a whole new crop of design trends to choose from. Updating this most popular space in your home can add value to your home and quality to your lifestyle.

Here are some reasons why updating your kitchen is a great renovation investment to make for your home:

  • You’ll add a fresh style and ambience
  • You’ll increase your kitchen’s versatility
  • An upgrade can give you more space
  • It will make your kitchen a joy to work in and increase its functionality

And here are some design trends for inspiration:

Space integration. Concealed and clever storage solutions can really free up space for entertaining and congregating.  

Hardware upgrades. One new trend that can add a great ambience to your kitchen is the use of gunmetal and pewter. More natural in look, these materials add texture and depth to your cooking areas.

Open cabinets. Another attractive design trend is the replacement of upper cabinets with metal, wood, or glass shelving, doing away with the heavier aspects of full cabinetry and allowing for a more light and open feel.

Going vintage. Traditional elements and forms, such as natural stone or organic basalt tiles, rattan furniture and fixtures inspired by historic design are great ways to bring a more earth-friendly feel into your kitchen.

Adding color. White kitchens are no longer desirable. Besides being difficult to keep clean, this plain palette is, well, plain. Pops of color, such as bold counter stools, patterned light shades, or paint choices that breathe life into your home are a great way to revive your kitchen area.

Wood. There is a renewed desire to create better connections with nature. Your kitchen environment will be more welcoming with the addition to natural woods throughout. Wood is a versatile and timeless material that is fun to use, and environmentally sound, too. New trends are all about going back to basics.

Integrated appliances. From stove hoods that turn on automatically to induction cooktops with their seamless look, we will continue to see this trend everywhere. It’s no longer necessary to see appliances in every corner of your kitchen – the new look of luxury. Digital technology will also continue to drive innovation, giving you smarter and more specific home appliances targeted to your taste. Why not install a wifi-enabled espresso maker so that your cuppa can be ready before you get out of bed?

When it comes to a kitchen refresh, large or small, Ascension General Contractors is here to help you make your design dreams come to life.