Close-up view of construction worker's tool belt as he works outside

Why the “Anti-Contractor” Should Be the Norm

In the world of construction and building, things are always changing. From new materials appearing on the market to a shift in customer demands and viewpoints, the builder/contractor needs to stay on top of the current trends, just as any other business owner would.

With the proliferation of DIY shows and publications, today’s business owner is likely to be much better informed and educated about renovations, upgrades, and repairs, so when a contractor is called in these days, the project may become more of a partnership between the contractor and the customer, with the parties sharing ideas and working out solutions together.

The customer of today has a much better idea of what timelines should look like and will be more likely to question processes and to do their own research. They will probably watch the costs more closely and are more likely to get involved if they feel there might be a problem.

The concept that we are referring to as an “anti-contractor” is a welcome one in this new atmosphere. This type of contractor will keep the lines of communication between themselves and their clients completely open, and he or she will be on hand to answer questions fully and clearly to alleviate any misunderstandings. An anti-contractor is someone who will be as concerned about budgets as the client and will work towards keeping costs down wherever possible. Timeliness is another focus for this kind of contractor; bringing a project in under budget and in a timely manner is important and will keep the customer satisfied every time.

Using a contractor with this value system should be the norm in business. Gone are the days when the customer is satisfied with just accepting everything they are told, and that’s a good thing for the business world. Controlled costs will benefit everyone and continue to foster fair competition.

When you are searching for someone for your next building or repair project, look for a company that truly understands the concept of an “anti-contractor.”

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