modern renovated bathroom with gray tile and soaker tub in center

Why It May Be Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

Our homes need an update every so often, and it can be fun to undertake that kind of project. We can bring more energy-efficiency to all of the rooms in our home, especially with a bathroom remodel, and take advantage of great new products that have come on the market. 

Our bathrooms experience perhaps the highest level of traffic and use in the home, and it can be quite a balancing act when it comes to remodeling them, due to inconveniences while it is underway. We tend to overlook this vital area of our home sometimes, but if we let it go too long, the signs will become impossible to ignore!

Here are some signs that it may be time to remodel your bathroom: 


  • Old faucets and other bathroom fixtures start to leak and drip, causing inconveniences, messes, and even an unhealthy atmosphere. You will know it’s time to remodel your bathroom when you have buckets under the sink and towels around the base of the toilet to catch all the water that is being leaked. 


  • You also may be putting up with bathroom equipment that isn’t functioning properly, and there really isn’t any reason to tolerate these old and dysfunctional fixtures. Check out the new shower-head styles available today! You don’t have to struggle with one that doesn’t really do the job anymore. You can have a “smart shower” installed that can be set to start ahead of time so that the water is the perfect temperature and speed. 

Fresh Color

  • If your paint is peeling and unsightly, it’s time for a paint job. This is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to give your bathroom a re-do, with some exciting palettes to choose from in 2020. Black and white have become popular again, and when paired with bold splashes of jewel tones or metallics you can add your own personal touch to your bathroom vibe with ease. 

If it’s time for a bathroom remodel in your home, call us here at Ascension General Contractors and let’s get this project started.