beautiful master bathroom with soaker tub and his and hers closet

When To Renovate Your Bathroom

A renovation of your bathroom doesn’t always mean a complete deconstruction. If you are beginning to think it’s time to renovate, don’t hesitate! Completing this project is one of the best ways to breathe new life into your home.

Short-Term Benefits

  • Age. If your bathroom has been the same for a decade or so, it’s time to get serious. Over time, most bathrooms will experience leaks, which lead to rotting floors and mold issues. A re-do of an older bathroom will allow you to fix any ongoing or existing problems or damage.
  • Increased storage. A bathroom renovation will give you the chance to increase your storage and to choose from a variety of stylish and trendy cabinet options.
  • Greater functionality. New products on the market, such as bathroom basins and free-standing tubs, add functionality to your bath. In a busy household, a renovation can help streamline bathroom usage.
  • Children and Safety. If your family is growing, you will want to make sure your house is safe for the younger ones. Most home accidents occur in the bathroom, and making some changes here will help reduce that risk. Add slip-resistant flooring during your renovation, for example, to help prevent injuries.

Long-Term Benefits

  • ROI. Any renovation adds to the increase in your home’s value, and a bathroom renovation is one of the best. It will help your home stand out from the competition, and enable you to sell at a higher asking price.
  • Energy efficiency. More of us are becoming environmentally conscious today, and that’s a good thing. From water-saving fixtures and low-flow toilets to radiant flooring, there is an impressive array of earth-friendly products available that can help our world while saving you energy dollars. If you feel your energy costs are higher than they should be, and/or if you want to have a more positive impact on the earth, it’s time to consider a bathroom renovation as a way to reach those goals
  • Updated look. Maybe you are just tired of the way your bathroom looks. That’s a great indicator that it’s time to renovate! New tile and accessories can go a long way to adding life to this central location of your home and bring a fresh and modern feel to a dated, out-of-style bath.

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