close up view of water pipe and shut off valve

What To Do When Your Pipes Freeze And Burst

We can all remember a time when winter weather has hit the area pretty hard, putting us all into a frozen situation. This kind of weather event can cause extensive residential and commercial damage, with frozen pipes rupturing and causing flooded homes and businesses all over. Nobody wants to get caught with this kind of disaster, so we want to help.  

Here are some tips to follow so that you know what to do when your pipes freeze and burst:

Turn Off Your Water

  • This is a critical step. You will probably find the main shutoff valve inside the house just opposite your exterior pipe entrance. If you need to turn off the water for the whole building, go to the exterior shutoff valve by your meter or out by the curb or sidewalk in a concrete box. 

Check The Electrical System

  • You will want to check for sparking and outages, which are very dangerous signs during a flooding event of any size. This means that there has been damage to your electrical system, and it must be addressed by a professional. Turn off the electricity at your fuse box or breaker panel if you see any signs of trouble, and make sure no one risks their safety around water and electricity. Unplug nearby appliances and fixtures, and proceed with caution. 

Call Professionals

  • Water damage companies will be really busy during freezing conditions, so call your restoration contractor as soon as possible. This will ensure as prompt a response as possible under the circumstances. 

Address Leakage

  • You can employ a simple clamp-style repair kit to stop leakage and stabilize the burst pipe. It will involve wrapping a rubber sleeve around the damaged pipe and securing it with metal clamps. It’s a great temporary fix. 


  • Take pictures of all the affected areas before you start any cleanup. This will help you and your restoration contractor when it comes to navigating your insurance claims in the future. 

Drying Things Up

  • Fans and dehumidifiers will help you get started with your drying process. Open windows can be good to use, too, if it’s not too cold. 

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we’re a full-service repair team, and we can get you back to normal quickly. We’re happy to be onsite to handle any of the more serious situations that can arise after a flooding event from frozen pipes, such as compromised electrical and gas lines, structural damage to load-bearing walls, soaked sheetrock or insulation, and damp conditions that can encourage mold growth.