woman with pen in mouth contemplating her home renovation

What To Consider Before Starting A Renovation Project

Before you go all-in on a renovation project, there is a lot to think about. Some things for you to consider before you start your project can be:

  • Motivation. What’s your end goal? Is it to raise your home’s value, or to elevate your living standards? Once you are clear on your motivation, you can proceed.
  • Value. If your goal is to raise the value of your home, make sure you take the overall condition of your neighborhood into consideration and know which renovations will bring you the best ROI under the circumstances. 
  • Budget. Know your budget, and follow it. Make sure you have added a contingency fund for unexpected things, and expect them. For example, you may have to stay away from home for a time while work is being done, which incurs additional expense. 
  • Calendar. If your goal is to have your renovation completed for an event or a holiday, give yourself plenty of time to finish, and take delays into account. 
  • Weather. If your renovation will take place during challenging weather periods for your area, make sure you keep that in mind when it comes to your completion date. If any of the work is to be done outdoors, poor weather will cause delays. 
  • Professionals. Don’t shy away from using professionals, but make sure they are willing, and able, to provide proper references and copies of their liability insurance. Client testimonials are great but don’t rely solely on them. Ask to see pictures of work, both before and after, and in the end – trust your gut. 

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we are always ready to help you with your home or business renovation project.