What Are Some Tips For Managing A Business Renovation Project?

Renovating your Nashville business space will be a big endeavor. Hiring a general contractor with commercial renovation experience will help you avoid many of the pitfalls that can occur during a project of this kind, but that’s just one top tip. Keep reading for more pointers on managing a successful business renovation project. 

How Can I Successfully Manage My Nashville Business Renovation?

You want your commercial renovation project to be completed successfully, on time, and within your budget. Here are some ways to help you reach your goals:

  • Have Clear Objectives. Determine what you hope to gain from your new space, why it is necessary to complete, and will its value be maximized. 
  • Hire A Qualified General Contractor. Ask to see portfolios before you hire a general contractor, and request a list of references. Next, ensure that the construction team is adequately insured and bonded. 
  • The Budget. Make sure that you have enough money for the estimate that the contractor submits, and then add 10 percent. This is to cover unexpected expenses – because they WILL occur. 

Here are a few more helpful tips to enable you to manage your commercial renovation project:

  • Have A Realistic Schedule. Your general contractor should provide you with a realistic timetable that tells you when your project will be completed. The best contractors keep their clients in the loop all throughout the project. However, you should expect delays and ensure that your business can weather them. 
  • Economic Incentives. Research local financing and tax incentives for commercial renovation projects; these often apply to second-generation buildings. Therefore, if your remodeling project will mean you are hiring extra workers, this may mean you will attract additional incentive packages. 
  • Sustainability. Commercial property owners need to install energy efficient systems into their buildings, and these can include Energy Star appliances, LED lighting, and more. 
  • Curb Appeal. In addition to renovating your Nashville commercial property, focus on the front spaces. Install updated signage and natural plantings to save water.

When it comes to renovating your commercial space, Contact us here at Ascension General Contractors – (615) 802 9331! Our experienced, dependable, fully-bonded staff is ready to help you get the job done. Consequently, we’re proud to have served the Nashville community for over ten years. You can also learn more about past clients’ experiences with us here.

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