What Are Some Outdoor Renovation Ideas For My Nashville Commercial Company?

Renovations that activate a building’s outdoor space will be a winning proposition! If you are a restaurant, bar, or hotel owner, you’ll be interested to know that these spaces are more fun for guests to enjoy year-round and more profitable for owners, too. 

Let’s talk about some outdoor renovation ideas for your Nashville commercial company!

Which Outdoor Renovation Ideas Are The Best For My Nashville Business Location?

The outdoor renovations you choose will depend on the type of business you own, of course. We’ve got some great outdoor renovation suggestions for all kinds of companies:

  • Fire features, for example, can create a focal point for outdoor gatherings, especially in cooler weather. Propane firepits and fireplaces offer real flame and warmth without the drawbacks of wood and charcoal, such as the smoke and the smell. Propane fire features operate at the flip of a switch. Suppose your building is located in an area with restrictions on burning wood – n that case, propane will enable you to safely enjoy the relaxation of a real flame while following local air-quality regulations. 
  • Outdoor seating arrangements can be a good choice for any business location; one of the biggest trends in society today is seeing people enjoy being outdoors wherever possible. Consider creating an all-weather seating area, complete with covering for colder weather!
  • Water features and gardens add a lovely touch to any location, providing serenity and connection with nature. No matter your business type, your clients will appreciate such an addition to your exterior. 

How Can A Renovation Improve The Exterior Of My Nashville Business?

Here are some ideas for renovating the exterior of your Nashville business:

  • Awnings. Awnings can create shade, help lower your cooling costs in the summer, deter snow from landing at your front door in the winter, and shelter your guests from the rain. Brightly colored awnings can display your business name or logo and attract customers to your door.
  • New Doors. From wood doors to revolving glass, your door is the first thing to welcome your customers into your shop. 
  • Themed Exterior. We’ve all seen themed restaurants, stores, and other types of businesses that express themselves through their design elements. Through a themed exterior, you can tell your story without ever saying a word.
  • Lighting. Exterior lighting is essential for visibility, security, and the safety of your customers, employees, and business.
  • Natural Materials: Upgrade your facade by adding rock, wood, and other natural materials to keep in step with the trend toward connecting with nature. 

At Ascension General Contractors, we are skilled and experienced in renovations and repairs for Nashville businesses. Our team is experienced, dependable, licensed, insured, and fully bonded. Contact us today about your remodeling project.

We look forward to earning your business!

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