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What Are Some Eco-Friendly Renovation Tips For My Nashville Business?

As people have become more aware of environmental concerns, so has the building industry. Your Nashville business may need a facelift, and there are some great ways to make that happen and be good to the earth, too. Below are some environmentally conscious choices you can make during your eco-friendly renovation process. 

Eco-Friendly Materials To Choose From For Your Renovation

  • Flooring. Some eco-friendly flooring materials include:
    • Linoleum and natural-fiber carpets come from renewable resources and are durable. 
    • The cork used in linoleum is harvested from the cork tree without damaging it. 
    • Carpet-type flooring made from grasses and reeds is available. 
    • Hardwood, bamboo, stone, and ceramic tile are other great flooring choices. 
  • Solid Wood. Keep your interior free from toxins by choosing natural alternatives:
    • Glues and binders used in the manufacture of many cabinets, furniture frames, and structural/decorative panels contain urea-formaldehyde (UF), which outgases volatile organic compounds (VOC). Look for solid-wood or UF-free alternatives.
  • Recycled Materials. Many exterior finishes are made with recycled materials or byproducts (green materials), conserving resources and using less energy or producing fewer pollutants. Examples of these green materials include:
    • Slate-style shingles made from ground-up quarry waste,
    • Driveway pavers made with recycled rubber tires, and 
    • Masonry veneers made with pulverized-stone chips.

How Can I Reduce My Energy Usage When I Renovate My Nashville Business?

  • Low-Voltage Lighting. Conventional lighting systems use line-voltage wiring and incandescent bulbs, which waste energy by producing heat and light. In low-voltage systems, a transformer steps down the voltage, and special types of bulbs – such as fluorescent or halogen – convert most of that energy to light.
  • Energy-Efficient Appliances. There can be a significant difference in the energy consumption of some appliances; choosing an energy-efficient model can make a huge difference in your energy costs.
  • Solar Energy. Take advantage of passive solar heating by making the most use of the sun’s heating effects in the winter and reducing exposure to the sun in the summer. Proper window placement and ventilation will be essential here.

Creating an environmentally conscious workspace will give your productivity a boost, as well. Your eco-friendly renovation will bring you lots of positive results!

Ascension General Contractors is here to help you get your Nashville business renovation project completed just the way you envisioned. We are full-service repair specialists, too. Contact us today!

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