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What Are Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Renovating?

When you renovate your home, it’s crucial to get it done right the first time. Home projects can take a big bite out of your budget and time if big mistakes are made. It is certainly possible to do much of the work yourself, but keep in mind that professional renovation companies like Ascension General Contractors will ensure your project stays on schedule and within budget. Here are some tips to avoid home renovation mistakes:

Commonplace Missteps To Avoid During Home Renovation

  • Set A Realistic Budget. Renovations often cost more than expected. Build in an extra 20% to your budget to be better prepared for any surprises.
  • Choose The Right Contractor. Don’t rush your decision on hiring a contractor. Interview several contractors, and check both their references and previous clients. Make sure each contractor understands what you want. This will help to deter from home renovation mistakes. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions about materials, layout, and the construction process. Don’t select your contractor based on price alone; compare price quotes and references, and make sure you can work easily with them.
  • Get Proper Permits. Consulting professionals, such as architects or general contractors, to look over your plans will be valuable in spotting issues you may have overlooked. If you have a contractor, he or she will obtain the necessary building permits. Projects without a proper permit are often torn down. 

What Are The Most Prevalent Blunders Homeowners Make During Their Home Improvement Project?

  • Ignoring The Original Architectural Style. Additions don’t need to be the same style as the original structure but they do need to complement it to help with resale value. 
  • Following Trends Too Closely. Fresh, updated looks are great but it’s wise to consider resale value, too. Trends are short-lived, while classic design lasts forever. 
  • Buying Furniture, Decor, and Appliances Too Early. Wait to buy the perfect appliances, flooring, furniture, and other materials until the project plans are finalized and the project is far enough along for measurements to be accurate.
  • Not Ordering Enough Flooring. Order enough material to complete the job, plus 20% to account for installation waste and defects.
  • Buying Cheap Materials. Select durable, high-quality materials that you won’t need to replace within a few years. That old adage, “You always get what you pay for” is especially true during construction and renovation. 
  • Measuring Incorrectly. Remember to “measure twice but cut once” to save delays and money. Being off in your measurements just a fraction of an inch can have big repercussions, causing poor fits and reordered materials.
  • Underestimating Safety Risks. Neglecting safety will not only impede your project but can also end up causing serious physical harm. Always wear protective clothing such as work boots, safety goggles, hearing protection, and gloves when working. Keep a first aid kit handy.

There is a lot to think about when undertaking your home renovation project. The professionals at Ascension General Contractors would love to help you! If you have experienced roof damage, a water heater leak, or a kitchen fire, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We‌ ‌are‌ ‌a‌ ‌full-service‌ ‌general‌ ‌contractor‌ ‌and‌ repair specialists ‌proud‌ ‌to‌ ‌serve‌ ‌the Nashville‌ ‌community. Contact us today!

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