upgrade your bathroom

Upgrading Your Bathroom

When considering upgrades to our personal spaces, we often want them to provide a haven that is restful and peaceful, and one that removes us from the “extra” of the world outside. If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom this year, here are some design trends from us here at Ascension General Contractors to keep in mind that can help you create the perfect intimate space to help you unwind and practice self-care. 



This trend made a big debut back in the 80s and has now circled back to us in the 20s. It can make your bathroom impactful, while the uniformity of material and color is very restful. Bringing the floor tile halfway up the wall, for example, makes use of the attraction our brains have to patterns and gives us a sense of control and peace.  


Shaped Tile

Rectangle subway tiles are being abandoned for more unusual shapes, such as hexagons and scallops. Opting for a shaped tile pattern is a great way to make an impact if dramatic color is something you are trying to stay away from. 



Statement powder rooms and elegant bathrooms are nothing new, but with the continued advancements in lighting technology, you can integrate lighting into the architecture in increasingly exciting, effective ways.


Lovely Ledges

Ledges are a popular design trend, but you will want to resist the urge to use them for storage if you have them installed – clutter is not going to lend a peaceful vibe to your bathroom space. Use these lovely spots for art, pictures of favorite things or people, flower arrangements, and other visually pleasing items. A ledge is a perfect place for a lovely antique perfume bottle, for example. 


Basic Black

Basic black is timeless, and that goes for tubs, too. Free-standing tubs are also a 2020 bathroom favorite, too, and lend elegance to your space with their gracious silhouette while becoming a striking focal point in your bath area. 


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