comfortable mediterranean style lobby area with lanterns and exotic couches


Your lobby is where new clients will determine what kind of operation you run, and whether or not they plan to continue to do business with you. Not only do you want to draw new customers, you want to retain them for future, and the perception they have of you as a business person will dictate whether they ever come back. If your lobby is pleasant, airy, and bright, with current reading material, comfortable chairs, and even workspaces for remote workers, your clients will be happy to wait for your services. If, on the other hand, the lobby of your business is dark, cluttered, and dirty, with no place to wait in comfort, your customers will go elsewhere. A smart business person understands this very well. Is it time to update your business’ lobby? 

Here are a few current design trends to help you plan your update:

  • COMFORT AND ELEGANCE. You know that your visitors and clients will want to be comfortable, but designing your waiting space for comfort in a successful way can be tricky. The key will be in finding furniture and decor that can provide that comfort, but in an elegant and professional way. Modern chairs look great, but they aren’t always the best seating experience, while those that are comfortable often look more like they belong in your family room than in a business setting. 
  • NO CONFUSION. Your lobby area should provide clients with a clear idea of where they check in, where the restrooms are, and where to sit and wait for their services to be completed. Warm greetings are a great way to make your customers feel welcome, so make sure as you update your lobby that you place your reception person in a place where he or she can see people right as they walk in. If your reception area is large, provide clear and attractive signage that will help people find what they are looking for, or perhaps even a wayfinding kiosk. 
  • BRANDING. Think about the message you want your lobby to convey. Use a color palette that meshes properly with your existing marketing, and take care in selecting artwork. You have a built-in opportunity to advertise who you are and what you do here in your lobby, so take advantage of it. An attractive concept of your company logo would be a great addition to the decor of your business’ lobby. 
  • TECHNOLOGY. As people wait, they will be using their computers, phones, and tablets, or course, Make sure your wifi is strong and accessible to your customers. Having recharging stations and workspaces complete with outlets for remote workers to use while they wait are vital these days, and people will be much more apt to return to your business and to be happy to wait if you provide them a space that promotes this kind of comfort. Top-of-the-line televisions and programming is another way to ensure that the time your clients spend in your lobby is a pleasant one. 

If it’s time to update your business’ lobby, call us here at Ascension General Contractors and let’s start planning!