bathroom sink with blue backsplash

Updating Your Bathroom In 2018

These days, less is more. With all the sensory overload we are enduring in our lives today, many of us want our homes to reflect and exude a simplicity that is restful and peaceful. If you are planning to upgrade that most intimate of spaces, your bathroom, this year, here are some design trends to keep in mind that can help you create a space in your home to help you relax like no other.

  • “One-Material” This trend made a big debut in the 80’s and has come full circle. When it’s done right, it can make your bathroom impactful and special, while the uniformity of material and color is very restful. Bringing the floor tile halfway up the wall, for example, makes use of our brain’s love for pattern and gives us a sense of control and peace.
  • A bathtub in the bedroom? This isn’t for everyone. But think about it…if you like a romantic soak in the tub, and you have the room to move the tub away from the “water closet”, why not? Make use of that killer view you have from your bedroom window! If privacy from other housemates is a concern, movable screens can be both very decorative and stylish, AND handy, here.
  • Floating vanities. Furniture vanities were all the rage, yesterday. A new trend is a vanity that tucks all the working parts and plumbing away under a skirt of sorts, made of stone or wood, or the “one-material” you are using to outfit your space. This style simplifies the visual impact of your counter and sink area, which can often be a bit much.
  • Freestanding tubs. This is a beautiful option, with a simple and gorgeous silhouette.
  • Store your stuff. Create enough storage space to keep all your stuff. You have to floss nightly, we know, but let’s face it: dental floss packaging is just not visually pleasing. Nor is shaving cream or your favorite toothbrush. Ledges are a design trend that is very popular, but resist the urge to use them for storage if you have them installed. Use these lovely spots for art, pictures of favorite things or people, flower arrangements, and other visually pleasing and restful items. A ledge is the perfect place for a lovely perfume bottle.
  • Consider color. Basic black is timeless. Don’t be afraid to use it! Just like the little black cocktail dress, black as a design color goes with just about anything.


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