handyman installing faux wood flooring

Updating The Flooring In Your Home

Replicating natural wood and stone are big trends this year, so, if you are planning to update the flooring in your home, you can expect to see some pretty consistent looks across the board. 

As you think about the look you want to bring into your personal space, consider these top flooring design trend ideas:

  • Wood flooring. This is definitely not a new look, but it’s one that has stayed with us. You will find this look in laminate, vinyl and ceramic tile, and there is no sign of this trend going out of style any time soon. 
  • Waterproof flooring. For many years, tile was really the only waterproof flooring option to choose from, but today you can pick from vinyl, laminate and even some carpets. You’ll be able to step out of the shower and enjoy the softness and warmth of carpet with this choice, instead of cold, hard tile. Waterproof carpeting won’t soak up water and get moldy, but are easily cleaned seconds after getting wet. Choosing waterproof flooring will be a dream come true for busy homeowners, those with children, and pet owners alike.
  • Textured flooring. This choice mimics classic hardwood, and you’ll be able to find distressed or wire-brushed styles in wood, laminate, and more.  
  • Environmentally friendly flooring. Today’s homeowners want to know where their flooring came from and how the material might affect the environment. Using recyclable, homegrown, and natural materials is extremely important.
  • Going blonde. Gray is still a thing, but blonde is also in style and making a big splash. Light and airy flooring in blonde will work with any decor, and it has the advantage of seeming to add space to your rooms. 

We are seeing a resurgence of eco-friendly materials in flooring projects, such as cork and parquet planks, while tiles are getting larger with time and are available in realistic stone, including marble, limestone, and travertine. The concrete look is popular again, too. 

With so many exciting new styles and trends to choose from, you can have a lot of fun updating the flooring in your home. Here at Ascension General Contractors, we’re ready to help you plan your flooring project, as well as any other home updates or renovations. Call us today!