exterior of brick apartment complex during the winter

Top Winter Renovations for Your Business

When it comes time for winter renovations to your business, weather and energy costs will probably be top of mind. Many areas of the country suffer extreme cold and wet, and Nashville is no different. You may not experience sub-zero temperatures, but it’s still cold, with snow and ice a regular occurrence, and these types of weather conditions can cause problems to any structure and cost you money as a business owner.

Here are a few top winter renovations for your business that you may want to consider:

Roofing. This is probably the most vulnerable area of any structure when it comes to bad weather, and a problem or weakness here will affect your interiors, jeopardizing customer safety and the well-being of your workforce, machinery, and furnishings through water damages. Talk to your area professional about an inspection, which will tell you if it’s time for a new roof.

Doors and Windows. There are a lot of products on the market today that are energy-efficient and high quality, and you can save yourself a bundle by replacing your exterior doors and windows with products that are made with this in mind. Are your heating bills higher than you would like? A renovation that includes these items could be key to lowering those costs.

Flooring. If your building is still carpeted, you might want to think about moving to wood-style flooring or even linoleum. The advantage here will be that they don’t molder and smell when wet weather brings in lots of wet shoes! Mold can take hold underneath carpeting, and it can be a long time before anybody finds it, although its unpleasant odor will certainly be apparent. Your contractor will be able to help you select the best products on the market for your renovation.

Kitchen and Bath. These areas get a lot of use, of course, and renovating them will lend your business a fresh and contemporary look and feel, and this alone can often attract new customers, while installing the latest energy efficient appliances will save you money, and that’s always good.

Here at Ascension General Contractors, it’s our business to help you care for yours. Call us for your renovation needs and questions. We’re happy to help!