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Top Renovation Jobs for Your Office Building

Innovations in energy efficiency and changes in style trends make it a must to renovate your office building periodically. And it’s just good business to do a refresh, anyway, especially when office space is at a premium in a hot market like Nashville. You want your tenants to be comfortable and to have access to all the latest in amenities and technology, while your tenants will expect to enjoy competitive pricing when it comes to energy costs. It’s important that the building they occupy meets industry environmentally responsible standards to many people today, as well. It’s a lot to consider when thinking about renovating your office building.

We’re sharing some innovative renovation ideas with you here to help keep you on trend:

  • Think Green. Being environmentally conscious and responsible is at the top of everyone’s list these days, both at home and in the workplace. How about adding green to your office building? In Hong Kong, for example, the H&H Group installed live trees in the centers of all their communal desks to add that outdoor feeling to their indoor offices.

Install energy efficient appliances in workplace kitchens and install solar panels to help conserve energy. The use of natural materials and organic textiles for your renovation will also go a long way to helping protect the environment. Although green additions can demand a larger cost up front, they bring with them the largest environmental and financial impact over time.

  • Open Spaces. As the world gets ever more crowded and space is more precious than ever, using an open space design in your office building will be an attractive and unique feature for both current and potential tenants. Offices using this theory will have windows in place of walls that allow workers to see outside whenever they choose. Set up like an open-air palazzo, tables are set up in the middle of the area with no cubicle to be seen. Private offices and meeting areas are still a part of the plan, but everything is open, airy, and spacious as a whole.
  • Communal Work. As the popularity of communal work spaces grows, renovating your building to allow for fluidity and flexibility will make your building more desirable to the people of today’s workforce. Prospective tenants will be looking for working environments that can be modeled to suit the needs of their business, so walls that can be moved or removed would be an attractive feature, enabling tenants to be able to meet changing space requirements within a very short time.

We live in a fascinating time where the design world is simply exploding with innovative ideas that are being created to solve the unique challenges of this 21st century world. Contact us here at Ascension General Contractors today, and we’ll start working on your renovation ideas right away! Our phone number is: (615) 750 2345.